Hamra’s first night

Walking in the middle of the street of Hamra was a dream come true. We had always wished the main street would be closed for pedestrians, and it felt great to walk and look around us. All kind of shops were open, restaurants, coffee shops, pubs, snacks, you name it, they were all welcoming the Hamra street visitors.

Here is a selection of photos I shot on the first night of Hamra Streets Festival. We were not able to make it to the parade, but hopefully someone else did, and will share the photos soon.

Meanwhile, enjoy! And don’t forget to visit Hamra tomorrow and on Sunday for concerts and a variety of events. For more info on the event, check their facebook page.

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One Response to Hamra’s first night

  1. Riham says:

    I love your pictures šŸ™‚ and oh man, THE MICKEY MOUSE STORY YOU TOLD US! hahah. Wish I had the one of Mickey on the harley. Awesome stuff.

    Our friend the clown šŸ™‚ cute!!

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